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We might sneak out early now and then to enjoy the short Wisconsin summers or to ride some of that famous Sheboygan surf, but for the most part, you’ll catch us hard at work in the office during normal business hours. 

We are a small group, so chances are good you’ll talk directly to the designer working on your project. Not only is this convenient; it's also efficient. And we’re a friendly bunch with a down-to-earth and candid communication style so please, get in touch.

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Our fee for design is $95/hour. Our fee for web development is $125/hour. For reference, we've listed the minimum price for common projects below: Logo - minimum $1,800 Brand Collateral - minimum $1,000 6-Panel Brochure - minimum $1,200 Website (simple) - minimum $5,00 Website (complex) - minimum $10,000 Long Format Publication (40+ pages) - minimum $5,000 There are many variables that can change the cost dramatically. After gathering the specifics about your project, we are happy to provide a more detailed estimate.
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